Tuesday, February 07, 2006


It was only a matter of time. First Stephanie, then me, then Kimberly and now Marion.

My coworker was knitting a scarf for her friend but thought it a bit too plain. So I suggested the moebius twist and she's all excited. She saw me knit my two but didn't think she'd be right behind.

Here's the picture of Marion before gifting her scarf :)

Me, I'm in a sour mood these days. That Beast of a sweater that is taking for-freaking-ever to knit has tricked me into screwing up the neckline. Gee, nothing like perserving through a slew of cabling mistakes and painstaking corrections on an extra large sweater to get to the neckline and realize you've just knit an extra ten rows. Ever try to tink ten rows of aran-patterning? I wouldn't suggest attempting it without copious amounts of alcohol. I nearly needed a personal day from work to recover after I discovered the error last night. The Irishman left the room (after first pouring me more wine and once again complementing my cooking).
I've another row left to tink tonight and then will start neck shaping. I'm going to try it this time without tv, Irishmen and other distractions (except for the alcohol - what I would do for a margarita right now!).

Wish me luck!


  1. Ugh, doesn't sound like fun. Good luck with it.

  2. Oh I feel for you! Just keep repeating: It's the process, it's the process, not just the outcome!!
    Next time you come to Berlin we need to make some Fimo things together. I'll bring you to the store where I buy the metal things. :))

  3. I feel your pain! Hopefully all the tinking is just a bad memory by now. btw, what stitch pattern(s) did you use for your Möbius scarves? Are they reversible?

  4. Okay...........I'm going to try it.

  5. pattern for the scarves was garter stitch for the first and turkish stitch for the 2nd.
    Row 1: yo, k2tog
    Row 2: purl

    looks very cool - can't wait to find my pins and get it blocked