Monday, February 18, 2008

Just A Little Favour

Hi Sweetie,
Not to bother you, but could you please wake up and check if I left my ball winder over with you in Germany? Yes, I know it's 3 am over there. It'll just take a second and then you can go back to sleep and forget this all happened.
But, talk about your brownie points! Just have a quick little look and then I can stop tearing my sister's house apart cupboard by cupboard. I could swear I just saw it a week or so ago, but now it's nowhere to be found and I'm not so sure and I really need to wind something and it has to be now, RIGHT NOW!!
Thanks darling, yes I love you , too and no, this won't ever happen again and yes, I do owe you big time and I know it's not fair to think that you would even know where to look in that big house and I don't blame you for not looking for even just a tiny little bit longer, possibly if it somehow landed in the kids room?? No, of course. Go back to sleep and I'll just knit something else. Sorry to bother, talk to you tomorrow.......

I needed a new one, anyway!