Thursday, February 23, 2006


Today is Weiberfasching in Germany - it roughly translates to Womyn's Karnival. It's the day when women through-out Germany run through the streets with scissors and cut off the neckties of any unsuspecting males silly enough to have worn one today.

I never thought I'd have the nerve to attack a perfectly good silk tie, but lo, my work colleague Thorston wore an old stained tie today. He sacrificed himself and our work dress code at my desk only 20 minutes ago. Shortly after, Alfred gave himself up to the same cause (his is the shiny leather tie on the left) he says it's an old tie from the back of his closet (any guesses as to the decade??)

What's that?? Where's my Olympic Update?? Things are top secret here in Franken. There's been some work going on, but I'm not spilling all my beans just yet. Let's just say that I, also, am waiting with bated breath to see if I'm standing on the podium on Sunday night with tears of joy glistening in the corners of my exhausted eyes.

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  1. Anonymous1:00 PM

    Those are some beauties you've got there! ;)