Tuesday, August 29, 2006

The Future's So Bright.....

As the fearless Yarn Hunter was casually strolling through the market on Sunday, she was surprised and delighted to see a stall full of sock wool (same one that's been there the past two once-a-season-Sunday-markets - Direct Hit!! Woot! Woot!) I scanned over the new colours and styles, was glad to see she had the Hot Socks cotton with elastic and lots of Boot Sock Stretch from Trekking and contemplated this autumn's sock projects.
And I held a light conversation with the lady running the stall. She gave me a business card for her shop in Weisendorf (will have to visit that - you know, for the sake reasearch and progress) and told me about her girlhood friend who lives in Nebraska.
That was it, wool scanning and small talk......
Until our brave Yarn Hunter was blind-sinded by a innocent-looking Phamplet from Zitron (maker of our beloved Trekking sock yarn). In between all the normal sweaters, shawls and socks, was a daring pullover made with 2 strands of sock yarn from different colourways held together. These 2 colourways were alternated with 2 more colourways and a 3rd and then 4th set up the sweater and the overall look was totally weird, but somehow mesmerizing and started growing on me immediately.

Back at home, I kept turning the idea of the 2 sock yarns over in my head. It seemed like a cool idea and I liked the sweater design (I've always been a sucker for the mock-turtleneck) but I didn't want to buy the 8 balls of prescribed sock wool just to try it out. So strong is my fear of new colour-combinations and commitment. After an intense stash search, I settle on a sea-green solid mixed with the only sock yarn I have two balls of, Fortissima Socka with horse-chestnut.

It's not turning out as pretty as I had hoped, but, for some weird reason, I'm totally psyched!!

Saturday, August 26, 2006

Fresh Off The Plane from Tunisia

So much to tell, I even cranked out a few washcloths.
More to come soon :)

Monday, August 14, 2006

Friday, August 04, 2006

Great Knitted Reef

Behold: All my wonderful unblocked washcloths in their wrinkled glory. I'm loving the colours and did I already mention the softness of the denim?? Cause they're really super soft. I think they look like something that should be decorating the coral reefs, swaying with the tides. Like instead of being freshly knit, they're freshly picked :)

I adjust the Mason-Dixon Washcloth by one row - I cast on 138 stitches instead of 150 and the rest was peanuts. It's a great little pattern to knit, too. The first couple of rows have bobbles and yarn-overs to keep you interested and busy and then the decreases start to get serious and you fly to the center.