Sunday, November 18, 2007

The Exorcism of My Stash

After a great weekend of family-time, yummy restaurant food and 2 yarn shop visits, I sat myself down to watch The Exorcism of Emily Rose and start another Foliage hat. During commercials, I started bagging my new yarn and remembered to restart the bagging of the yarn I brought back with me from Germany. I ran back to my bedroom every couple of minutes to grab more yarn out of the yarn suitcase to group and bag....until I touched the fateful Turkmenistan yarn. The yarn I wanted so badly but can't seem to figure out a project/use/purpose for. As I moved it aside to reach for better-looking, softer yarn, I saw three little brown bugs flutter up and land quietly back down on their brown planet of sustenance. The accused:
For a few short seconds I was too stunned to speak or move. Can't call Mum because she's asleep in England (stupid time difference!!) and my sister is working, so I decided to risk taking my grief outside of the family and call Alyson. Thank God I had to leave a message, I think it helped me sound less choked up than I was. We're talking about an infested ball of yarn lumped right on top of all the favorites I schlepped over from my 5 year history of knitting (Regia Silk, Wollmeise, Fleece Artist, something Mum picked up in Wales, handspun from Canada, a little local spinnery in Franconia's silk sock yarn, more sock yarn from France.....all of my little joys - can you tell I don't have kids yet??) Alyson heard my emergency message and rang back immediately.
The solution we came up with for now is the freezer:
but there was another idea thrown out there: to put all the yarn in a big black plastic bag and leave it in the sun to bake the critters, eggs and larvae out. Think I'll leave it all in the freezer for a night or two and then consider the sun/baking thing.

Right now, it's time for a drink....or two....SOB!