Sunday, January 29, 2006

Beads and Beastie

A Photo Blog to start off your week:

Yesterday we tried our hand with FIMO clay.

I almost forgot to mention my original inspiration for this project. It was Kimberly who told me about FIMO and her stitch markers looked so cute, I had to try it for myself.

I even found some great tips and tutorials online.

Today, we attached wire.....

and made them into stitch markers :)

Here's my favorite one here - marking my place on Beastie (the Aran-knit sweater I'm knitting for Irishman's brother).

This thing started pretty quickly: I knit up the arms, front and back until the yoke and then joined them all up on one needle. That's when I hit the black hole and seem to advance mere millimeters after hours of knitting. Luckily, my new stitch markers are very inspiring :)

Did I mention he's just as big as my Irishman? I think I could have knit a house-cosy twice as quickly ;)


  1. Anonymous12:52 AM

    That sweater is amazing. I can imagine it's taking forever to knit.
    Good idea with those stitch markers. ;) I love the swirly one.

  2. Anonymous4:06 AM

    Even though it is taking forever to knit, that sweater sure is gorgeous. I've been working on a cabled sweater for my husband for months now, and I haven't even started the sleeves! Hang in there, the end product will be well worth the effort. Those cute stitch markers should keep you inspired!

  3. Cute stitch markers and the sweater is looking great.

  4. My dentist is in Maitland. I was just about to switch dentists because it's so far from where I live now....but yesterday I was early for my appointment and hey, Sip & Knit is right down the road from the dentist now that they've left Winter Park....I'll just run in and check the bargain bin....$100 later I'm late for my dentist appointment but I've got ample yarn to start several pairs of socks for our upcoming ski trip and a lovely black silk/angora noggin-warmer for Travis....

    Maybe I'll hang onto that dentist after all.....

  5. Anonymous5:02 AM

    The sweater is absolutely fantastic, and I sure do admire you for having the patience to tackle this task that's sure going to take a while! Keep up the good work, and I'm looking forward to see the sweater when it's finished and worn by the lucky recipient! Best wishes from Austria!