Friday, February 24, 2006

Seeing Double??

Ahh, a pair of gloves to make Picaso jealous.
Maybe it's time I skulk over to the dark side and try my hand at blocking. So far, the only thing I've blocked is a Flower Basket Shawl that looked like 6-day-old spaghetti until I attacked it with pins and a spray bottle. It seems ridiculous to block gloves, but I'm guessing (hoping desperately!) that the stranding-thing is what's got this pair all funky looking.

Are the Olympics just for knitting - or is blocking part of that challenge?

Next event is to finish the Beast - jeeeze! I hope that doesn't include blocking as well! My weekend is soooo screwed! Looks like I'm going to have to park my tooshy on the couch (ok, no big challenge there) and force myself to sit still and run aran yarn through my hands. This could be accomplished with some cranberry juice/Bacardi limon and Season 2 of The Shield. I'll only have to take my eyes off of Vic to tie in the ends ;)

Can't you just cut the tension with a knife here? Will I make the cutoff? Will I try to hide the ends of my knitting on Sunday's blog pictures? Or will I try to convince my friends in Blogtown that the recipient really did request a aran-patterned sweater without a neck....

P.S. Ever try typing a blog entry while wearing unblocked gloves? It's crap, my fingers are cramping.


  1. I was going to ask if you would block the aran. Cables really love it, ya know? And yes, blocking is part of the Olympics. Sorry.

  2. YAY!!!

    I wish I'd realized it - I would have entered my bag in the Olympics. Is it a kindergartener's project? Yes. Is it something Kathleen could finish by the end of two episodes of The Shield? Oh probably. But for ME, dammit, it's something. I'll give myself a gold medal when it's done. And then I can finally start another project for ME. Because that's what knitting's all about for me - doing just enough for others that I can justify all the crap I make for myself.

  3. Anonymous1:52 AM

    Gloves don't need to be blocked. It's like ironing your underwear-no need!
    They look fab, girl. Good job.
    By the way, your banner is still hanging in your writing so I can't read the first few lines. Fix it or you'll be kicked from the team. ;) ;)

  4. Ha! You don't scare me Over-Talented-Fimo-Handling Woman! Try viewing it with IE and you'll be pleasantly delighted :)