Monday, March 27, 2006

An Irish Weekend

We made an emergency trip to Ireland last weekend. Dave's grandmother passed away and we went for the wake and funeral. I didn't realize people still had wakes for the dead. She died Wednesday morning, was brought to the house and there were people sitting with her until the funeral on Friday. The coffin was lifted onto the shoulders of her sons and grandsons and carried down the street to the church for the funeral mass - with all attendees walking behind. The funeral mass was very touching and at the end they played the song Dave's Granny used to sing at parties, (I think it was) The Little Isle. There wasn't a dry eye to be found.
It was all a bit surreal for me - a wake/funeral like that was something I had only seen in movies. But I must say it was very comforting to think that there was someone with Rosie all day and night until she was buried - it was a very warm and family-ish.
Luckily there was also happy business to be conducted on this trip. Owen finally got his Aran Sweater. And (talk about luck of the Irish!) it's a perfect fit. Here is a picture of him wearing it on Saturday - his son Adam is very jealous (can't you tell?).

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Poopy Poopy, Doo Doo!

I have been kicking some serious sock butt around here lately. I finished the monstrous pair for the Irishman (returning home tomorrow morning!!), a pair for sister #1, a pair for sister #2 and now finishing a pair for my most favourite doctor-lady.

I was so excited with this sock yarn when I picked it out 2 weeks ago. The blues are just the coolest - a stormy-sea blue, a thin strip of pale-sky blue, a distinguished-navy blue and a royal-purplish blue among others. There was some sort of brown colour in the mix,but it didn't bother me...until I start knitting the socks and saw the brown colour away from all the others, running through my unprotected hands. And it looks like doggy doo doo. I tried squinting my eyes and imagining it as a vintage rust, toasted-cinnamon, or even a Georgia clay - but my eyes couldn't be tricked. No matter what the lighting, these brown streaks look like something squishy I stepped in at the park. I'll try not to mention these thoughts when I hand them over to the recipient, eh?
I like the pattern, though - another pair out of the Vintage Sock book from Nancy Bush.
Erica cast them on as well, in non-poopy colours. I have to admit, I tend to follow her around the shop when we go out together. I get distracted by big SALE signs and shiny things, she finds all the real deals and soft yarn.
my hero ;)

Friday, March 17, 2006

Does It Get Any Cuter Than This???

Helen surprised me with pictures this morning and one of them has Erika in the sweater I knit for her a year or so back (man! was that already 2 years ago???) It's the Imp sweater from Rowan's Pipsqueaks.
I've been thinking about knitting the other one up (the Little Star version) for Bobby. If this isn't inspiration, what is???

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Ha! Try and lose this one, buster!

Cian lost his scarf, so I whipped up one he won't be able to shake (well, not too easily...) Posted by Picasa

Posted by Picasa
Here we're testing it in the elements - sledding a week ago. Please note the thrum mittens - thanks Granny Tish!!!

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The Irishman tried his hand as well...


Also, Ciara (who's decided her new favourite colour is orange - and not in a subtle way) needed a new hat. I know it's a bit difficult to pick out in the picture, but see if you can spot it.

We'll have to start featuring Ciara and her hat in a new Where's Waldo series, eh? Posted by Picasa

Friday, March 10, 2006


Just finished one sock for Irishman, the Big-footed Wonder. Unforunately, I don't think I can have the mate finished before he leaves on Sunday ( at 6 am!!) for his big adventure in Boston (dude planned a "business trip" for Boston so that it coincided with St. Patrick's Day - my imagination is going crazy here). I just hope I get him back in one piece ;)

I used the pattern from Nancy Bush's new book Knitting Vintage Socks and adapted my own hard-wearing heel and toe. The poor guy has lost 2 socks this year and I'm hoping to avoid further decisions like the one I am currently facing with the VERY first socks that came of my newbie needles: darn-it or damn-it??

Any voices of experience out there to guide me gently into the toe-repair lane??

Tuesday, March 07, 2006


Found this today - made my mood a little bit better :)

Wednesday, March 01, 2006


Okay, here's the beast - finally blocked and dry!

Pattern: Country Meetings from The Aran Look (an old yellowed pamphlet from Patons of unknown date, but cost 75 cents in its day)
Yarn : Rustikal Hauswolle