Tuesday, October 28, 2003

Wool and projects everywhere

and not a one of them finished!

We were crazy this weekend - shopping, cooking, eating, visiting and potty training - but I still had time to finish Louise's Christmas pressie - a hat to match the Muppet Roadkill scarf - tres chic!
No pictures yet - just in case anyone decides to snoop.......
I finished Mom's vest a week ago, and blocked it this weekend - now I just need buttons. Why does finishing take longer than knitting - I don't think I'll ever understand that.
I knit all of Bobby's teddy bear over a month ago save one ear and it's still waiting patiently to be sewed up.....poor guy. At least I finished the aran sweater - used up almost every last inch of that Rowan DK. And it was worth all the sweat and worrying. It fits Ciara instead of Cian and she wears it on the weekends when she's staying over. I simply didn't say anything about who the sweater belonged to - I just told her to try it on and told her she could wear when visiting. No problemo - besides, I made her a fuzzy, mohair and very pink hat with matching scarf to wear in the cold weather that showed up so suddenly over here - I think she's sated.

My current book stays at home these days so that I'm motivated to work on Peggy's socks on the work commute.
Aaaaand - most importantly : I've started my first knit along project. I'm making the Shhh sachet/pillow/doorknob hanger thingie with Yentala - I'm doing the duplicate stitch now (which I've learned is not my favourite piece of wool-play. Blech!
Hope to post more pictures soon!
Until then check out this item on Ebay: Feral Fawcett
She gives me such a chuckle and really gives the dolls personality.
Enjoy and keep warm!