Tuesday, February 28, 2006


Sunshine on my shoulders....makes me happy!!!

Snow in my ears.....makes me sad!

or at least a bit cranky!

But to thwart those lonely, cold feelings, we have Faschings Tuesday here in Germany. The day when everyone goes crazy - not just for New Orleans and Rio anymore :)

The management has delivered traditional Faschings Krapfen - yes, they call doughnuts "krapfen" over here. I get such a kick out of ordering something with the word "krap" in it - juvenile, I know - but it keeps me smiling.

Olympics: I'm proud to report I earned 2 Gold Medals in the Olympics this year. I designed and finished the half-finger gloves for the Irishman and finished AND BLOCKED the sweater for his brother! Yay me!


  1. Uh, where's the proof of the beast??????

  2. hey, I don't believe it till I see it!

  3. I want some faschings. Or krapfens. Donuts, I want donuts. Get it? (I thought "berliner" was jelly donut, and that's why it was so funny that JFK said the Berliner thing....)

    Yeah, I third the nomination to see the sweater.