Thursday, February 16, 2006

Olympic Dreams

Talk about dreams - I never repeat *NEVER* thought I would get a glove knit this quickly. I figured I'd spend ages with all sorts of calculations and stitch patterns and retries. Thanks to Interweave Knits' Winter 2003 Glove Special, I am kicking some major glove arse over here on team Dislocated Knitty Americans.

And to think, I've been putting these gloves off for ages because I thought it would be too big of a project.

Ideally, I wanted to have a shorter glove - something closer to the pair I'm replacing. But the Irishman tried these on last night (sans fingers) and likes the length. (biting my tongue - lots of nice length jokes I could be making here, hehe). So they stay - and I'm happy I got lots of designs and repeats into my gloves. The colors aren't exactly south of the border, but he likes them, too - so they're sticking.

Now I just have to work past the SGS (Second Glove Syndrome). And work past still being stunned with my speed on this project, I'll probably procrastinate just to make the Olympic Goal interesting.
In the meantime, onto my other event: finishing the Beast (which I've since tinked back from the collar to fix the shoulders that, frankly, looked a bit wonky). Tonight, I'll un-wonk the shoulders and hopefully fly back up to the collar.

Three cheers for the glove, going for the GOLD, baby!!!!


  1. They look awesome!!!

  2. That glove kicks some major a**!!! Go, girl, go!!! Can you smell that gold medal?? No wait, you can't smell a medal, can you? Oh well.

  3. Wow, those are awesome....I'm envious. Someday I'll be half the knitter you are and that'll be good enough.

    And I love the word "un-wonk".