Tuesday, August 26, 2003

Tea for two and two for tea

And 2 sweaters I've finished that I'll actually let people look at!
The first is Sweetness from www.knitty.com. I knit it out of a mohair/acrylic yarn from Sirdar - Mum found it at an age concern and sent over almost 1500grams. It was super quick and fun to knit and gave me confidence to knit on and make another sweater.
After that, I read my first Elizabeth Zimmerman book (Knitting Without Tears) and started my second sweater with more confidence than practicality. I plugged the numbers into the EZ formula for a yoke sweater and I think I made it just a bit wide - the shoulder part looks kind of funny, too - but that could be due to my using the Wendy Velvet Touch wool I received from MIL-to-be (that's optimistic thinking). Judge for yourself : http://community.webshots.com/album/77714133OuVwgi
Other than that I've only done one pair of socks this summer after finishing up the MIL/Traveler's-Socks/Nightmare-In-Blue (picture of those to come soon). I tried the refootable sock from Socks Socks Socks and I'll be using this method for all of BF's future socks. Loved it!
I was dying to use the Rowan DK new-wool I won off of E-bay and after swatching it with some white merino and blue 3-ply (another age concern snatch!) I decided to use the 3-ply and the merino to make a girl's cardigan. I'm finishing up the arms now and it looks like this particular piece of knitting will be better suited for a small lady (Helen or Mum!) than a youngster. I'm glad it's a small sweater though - knitting with this wool for anything larger could take a lifetime!! I mean I like knitting, but I like finished-objects even better! :)