Wednesday, January 18, 2006


I promised myself tonight I would come up with a button if it killed me.
I'm glad to report no serious injuries, but some advice wouldn't go astray. I googled far and wide, but still haven't figured out how to get the entries to scooch down so that we can all see the bleeding banner.

Any suggestions Blogland???

Update: writing "margin-top: XXXpx" gets whichever section you want to scooch a scoche :)


  1. Cute! Um, I know it has something to do with your template. ;)

  2. Hi Kathleen! So nice to read your comment. Thanks for stopping by (and linking!)
    Do you mean your blog links on the side? I took a look at the page source, saw that each line starts with "< / p >". This probably means you need to make sure every line is started this way, divided the way _you_ want it. What that translates into on your template, no clue.

  3. Hi Kathleen (I found your blog from Kimberly's blog - The Giving Flower).

    I have no idea how to do any of the techy stuff...I was wondering how you create a button???

  4. I started with Royalty Free Clip-Art (searched Google) and then coloured it in with Paint, used Paint again to write the text and then another program (I think Picasa) to resize.
    I'm going to try again today to make a proper banner - wish me luck!