Friday, January 13, 2006

Knicking Needles (or Traveler's Blues)

I lost a pair of addi turbos circs to the Dublin security check. To a woman no less. There should have been some sort of sisterhood, crafty sympathy there, eh?

I know, I know, we go over this at least once a week in the KnitList and every 2nd blog comments on it. But I've been traveling inside Europe, to Canada and USA and back and never (repeat NEVER) even had a blink from security. When I left from Munich they picked my bag out and I said "oh, it's just knitting needles" to which they shrugged and waved me on.
Then Ciara's bag got pulled out of the line in Dublin due to a flashlight and it wasn't until they searched it that they removed the needles from her poncho in progress. I explained to the lady how much I fly with needles and she said "not through Dublin you haven't" I mentioned I'd only been through 4 times with needles and was on the threshhold of saying "and you just scanned through my backpack which contains half my collection!" until I realized I'd better quit while I was ahead. God forbid she check my bag.

So, have we all learned our lesson now??? When traveling: leaving the freakin flashlights at home!


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