Tuesday, January 17, 2006

This Magic Moment....

...will hopefully yield a Magic Scarf sometime this afternoon. I'm knitting it a bit longer than the pattern and I'm seriously considering opening up the cast-on edge and casting off with the prescribed cast-off. Just thinking it might be better to have it on both ends, ya know? Semra is sitting across from me stomping her feet under her desk to keep warm. She asked through chattering teeth if she could possibly wear the scarf when I'm finished because I won't let her turn the heat up. This place is boiling!! And knitting this yarn doesn't exactly keep my hands cool. So, I think Semra can try out the scarf, but only if she reports back with a scratchiness-gauge and warmth factor.


She likes it. Good thing, too. Because I think it came out way too thick and once wrapped around my neck felt like I was being strangled in a love embrace by Gonzo!

I saw two of these scarves in Ireland and was kind of excited about making one. They were cool to play around with. Megan had a white one that Ciara wore around a nightgown to be the White Witch as she ran up and down the halls of Grandma's house playing Narnia.

Example Consversation heard outside my bedroom door when I was trying to nap one afternoon:

Ciara: You come back here after all these years and just expect to be Queen.
Megan: I didn't go away! I was sent away!
Ciara: By who?
Megan: By you!!
Ciara: It wasn't me who sent you away, it was her!
Eva: I didn't do anything!

I had this running through my head the whole time I knit the above, which sort of made it worth the trouble of knitting Fun Fur with mondo 12mm needles. Never again....

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