Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Moebius Mayhem

Last year, I started a Moebius scarf for the Moms the only way I knew how. I start knitting back and forth like mad to make a long strip whose ends would be sewn together after a half twist. Mere words can't describe my excitement at the idea of knitting 5 feet of garter stitch. At lease 12 inches was knit in Ireland with a Strongbow cider sitting next to me (and possibly a Guinness or two to keep it company).

Enter: Yarn Harlot (stage left) with her Cat Bordhi blog about Moebius scarves. I was trying to imagine what she was going on about so I googled Moebius scarves and found Linda's pattern. It sounded straight forward enough so I figured I'd give it a whirl. I had an absolute ball last night casting this thing on while half-watching ER reruns. The cat decided his new game was to sit and stare at me for 30 seconds and then run across my knitting (hitting the tin with the stitch markers for maximum impact) like mad, sit on the other side and do it again. It was like cat tennis and no amount of toe-under-the-blanket-twitching or "Look! There's the pope" was going to deter him from winning Wimbeldon as I started this blasted thing late last night.

So, I locked the cat in the bathroom for 10 minutes, got cast-on, knit-on and did my half twist. After all that effort, my needles didn't want to move anymore. They were locked up in the twisted-curl that the directions say are my goal. I bullied my way through the first row, one stubborn stitch at a time and then went back to read ALL of the directions (RTFM????). She says it gets looser further into the scarf. I'm also hoping this will actually fit my mother instead of just my cat. Because, after last night, that Aran-blanket-for-kitty project was pushed down the list - and he's definitely not getting my handspun from the SockLady.

Love This!!

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