Sunday, May 01, 2005


First picture of the day - the water wheel at Ebermannstadt.

We drove out this morning for an antique fleamarket. Weather was absolutely perfect and a couple hour's stroll through the city was a nice relief from moving and unpacking and even yielded some incredible results:

I found an antique lazy kate - how cool is that?

Also took some pictures of the scenery - the town is located smack dab in the middle of the Franconian Switzerland and only 15 minutes away from the house.

We were home in time for lunch (if I had a kitchen, I would have made something lovely - har har). Speaking of which, we finished hanging the wall cabinets last night and have all the other cabinets put together. Plumber and carpenter are coming tomorrow - I pray to God there is a kitchen in my house when I come home from work.

If not, then we're taking another walk up the street to the Kellerwald for dinner. About 20 minutes up the hill from the house is where all the beer kegs are stored in cellars dug into the mountain. Sitting under the trees, drinking beer and eating wurst and sauerkraut and the world just slips away.... until you stand up to walk home and realize that "up the hill" really means "scaling the mountainside" and your legs are kaputt :)

Talking about kaputt, that totally describes me after this weekend - about time to have a thrown down with my comforter. Nighty, night!

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