Friday, May 27, 2005

Told You So!

See? This is what happens....

Your lovely girlfriend asks you nicely to try on the toe-up sock she's knitting for you. Then a day later, she knits a bit more (because she likes to knit and often) and asks you again nicely to try the sock on - so that she doesn't knit for another week to find out the stupid thing doesn't fit (like what we corrected last Friday). Another day and she begs you to try the friggin sock on, but you insist that at whatever point she asks is so terribly inconvenient that you couldn't possibly take 3 seconds to match the carefully increased toe to your foot.

Then, the girlfriend takes the damn sock off the needles - do you hear that one, boyo? OFF the needles and starts a pair of socks for herself (it's that veredelt mit Rostkastanian - processed with horse chesnuts wool that she's been dying to try since she gifted the first ball to her mother and had to wait a month to get back to the cool store in Erlangen). So, darling, hope your toes have some other way to stay warm during the last few cool days of May, because mine will be toastie-warm :)

And they're pretty darn cute, too!


  1. Luuuuuve the socks, great colorway. Can I ask what chilly days??? We're roasting in 90F weather for the past two days. Ick!

  2. Good point - when I started them my feet were freezing! Now I can only knit early morning or evening - blech!

  3. Cute Colorway I'll say! I love these socks! Hooray for you.

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