Sunday, May 08, 2005


After those gorgeous couple of days last weekend, crappy weather came back with a bang. It just got steadily colder and rainier as the week wore on, until the weekend showed up with hail storms and steady downpours. Finally got some sun today, but its warmth is still hibernating somewhere....

Being the opportunist that I am, I took the cue to get some more Horse-chestnut processed sock yarn from my favoritest yarn shop in Erlangen. Aaaaand, the (hopefully!) last chilly weekend of the season deserves a big pot of Georgia's finest. One humungo pot of chili, a modest-sized 7 Layer Dip and an iron pan of cornbread from scratch made for a great gathering of neighbors and friends. Dusan and Denisa with Luka and Kai came over from across the street and Iveira and Neal with Patrick drove up form Nuremberg.

Guys stood around, drank beer and exchanged theories on the positioning of the doors and handles (shame there were no tires to kick...). Girls set the table, made a salad and unpacked mounds of crap into my new cabinets. This kitchen is about twice the size of my old one - and I've already got every niche filled. Isn't there a theory about buying a bigger house and having just as little free space as you did in the eensy two-bedroom apartment. I don't think I could ever manage to be a minimalist - that would mean less yarn, wouldn't it? Perish the thought!!!

I know this pic is a bit bright, but love the looks on everyone's faces :) Almost felt like Christmas having so much of our ex-pat family together for nibbles.

Almost forgot to mention that the reason we were invited over for fish to the neighbors the other night was to be the first to here the latest news: Mrs. Neighbor is pregnant :) Me and Mr. Neighbor (who plans to take parental leave for a couple of years) decided that these things are better done in pairs and wouldn't it just be fun if we had a baby at the same time and then could go pushing baby carriages around together in the park afterwards. Irishman isn't so sure...

Maybe we should talk about things like this once the kitchen is finished - doesn't everything seem so much more manageable when you have a complete kitchen? If that Irish boy reads this blog, I'm not going to have the cabinet doors finished for the next 5 years - LMAO.

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