Saturday, April 30, 2005

The Good, the Bad and the Cabinets

Here we see a rare species of suburban male trying to put their tool chests and common sense to work to conquer the IKEA Kitchen Challenge.

Bad Ass Cabinet Hangers Dave and Dusan

Denisa and I started the evening off by putting all the wall cabinets together and waiting for the boys to finish their beer. We were finished in like 10 minutes and it took them until 10pm to get this far.

10pm is when we have to stop making noise (like drilling holes in the wall that adjoins our neighbors house) or else cranky people call the Polizei. Don't know yet if our neighbors are cranky or prone to phoning the police - didn't want last night to be the night I found out :) Was hoping we could get a bit more done today (only 1.5 more cabinets to hang and we're onto the sink and stove!) because Sunday is another Don't Be Noisy Day. ...sigh....ever feel like a stranger in a strange land?

p.s. A day late, I know, but HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my sister, Weezer!!


  1. What is it with men and having to drink first?

  2. and drinking during....
    and drinking after....