Tuesday, May 03, 2005

The Tender Story of a Girl and her Philips Vacuum

If there is one piece of advice I could give you it would be to wear sunscreen, ha! just kidding. No, but seriously, if there is one piece of advice I can give to anyone anywhere who is thinking of building their kitchen together themselves: Make sure whoever is doing the wood-cutting is doing it at least 10 miles away from the kitchen!! I'm lucky I've only got half the drawers and shelves in - I just spent the better part of an hour on my stomach on the loveliest kitchen tiles in the world vacuuming sawdust from the distant recesses under the cabinets. Gotta say it's been one big fat learning experience.

At the very least, we made progress and I will be able to start filling cabinets and drawers before you can say "moving boxes". The Irishman is teasing me that he's going to hook up the water to the sink tonight. But I know better than to get my hopes up for any part of this kitchen to move quickly. Yes, I know, poor me - getting a new kitchen and it just can't be fast enough. Ha! You try waiting 2 months while scratching 50 year-old wallpaper off of ceilings and it just so happens that I could live in a bombed-out hovel and feel perfectly at home if I only had a countertop and working stove and sink. This not having a kitchen thing is like having live wires hanging out of the walls. I'm just going to feel all on-edge until I can stop cooking with the telephone and washing my dishes in the bathroom sink. Is there anything weirder than washing dishes in the bathroom sink?

If I could hook this crap up myself, I'd have stayed up all night last night finishing the one room in the house that I could live in forever (bit of an emotional connection to food there, I'm afraid - I blame Harry's Farmers Market). I feel like the dog in the Beggin Strips commercial; running around because he can smell something good and then he finds the bag and screams "I can't read!!!" because I can't hook up electric water heaters and sinks. Does anyone else remember that commercial? It always cracked me up. And then, of course, anytime the black'n white pulled up next to me at a stoplight, I'd mimick the dog "I smell bacon - bacon! bacon! bacon! bacon!"

Sally to Harry: Is one of us supposed to be a dog in this scenario?!

Right then, enough random memories and showing off how much TV I watch...maybe I'll just go unpack all the pipes and line them up on the counter top so that Irishplumberboy can hook things up that much quicker tonight. Helpful, ain't I?

God bless the neighbors who just called and invited us to dinner!! That gives the tall blond another day's grace...


  1. Ah, my Stetson dorm days - all the things you have to do in a bathroom that are not meant to be done in a bathroom - laundry, dishes...

    This is going to be a great kitchen though! And that fridge is very sexy...as a fridge can be, anyway.

  2. My sister went to Stetson - she said the girls in the dorms cooked grilled cheese sandwiches in woks - is that true?
    I think that's way weirder than washing dishes in the sink ;) My personal dorm favorite was cooking mac & cheese in the electric kettle.
    ah, those were the days...

  3. Yep, and you'd be amazed what you can pull off in a rice steamer too. Dorm living...good times.

  4. I wish my husband would do the same thing here, so that I could have an excuse to EAT OUT. (Anything to avoid cooking.)

  5. Kathllen in Germany,

    Have a very American Mothers Day. Kitchen smitchen, cant you just live on fruit and wine there?

  6. Wine, cheese and fresh pretzels! - now that could definitely last me a while :)

    I'd think Becky would have it tastier in that respect - have to admit, I'm jealous her local shops have more goat cheese than mine ;)