Saturday, February 05, 2005

Time Bomb

Away from the lovely grip and softness of my Addi Naturas and into the fastlane of Addi Turbos. Not sure if these are really turbos, but they are Addis and they are fast-knitting because of the slick, silver needles.

And now I'm not knitting on my Addi Naturas wondering when, during the second sock, they will give up on life and snap in half. I'll just keep hoping they come out with a miracle bamboo that can withstand my radical knitting style. Mom on the other hand, has been knitting with one pair of Crystal Palace bamboo #1 circulars since we both bought our first pair a year and a half ago. I guess the pencil style of holding needles puts a lot less strain on the needles and hers have lasted already through half a dozen pairs of socks.

Thrummy Goodness

Getting down to the last half of the second mitten. The thrumming is starting to go quicker than before and I don't dislike it as much as at the beginning. Hopefully I will have Paulina's Christmas present finished before she returns to Finland in two weeks :) There's a pretty good chance actually, since this project is also on Addi Turbos.

Gee, can't figure out if I'm an advocate for or against Addis...... Bet if there's and Addi rep reading my blog, they're just hoping I'll shut up altogether LOL.

But it gets better. I found more new sock yarn from Socka yesterday with all sorts of cool new stuff in it. Need to see what it's called in English and I'll post again tomorrow.

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