Monday, February 14, 2005

If you knit it, they will come...

Do you see? It worked - if you knit it, they will come :)

She loaned me the Folk Socks book and wrote a oh-so-subtle note about how cute these socks would be. Favourite daughter that I am (oh yes, I am - she told me in confidence, so she probably wouldn't talk about it again - but I'm the Favourite) I knit them up and held them ransom in Germany. And it worked, she drove through the Chunnel, across Brie land and through fields of sauerkraut to get her socks - and see me :)

And, along the lines of the-apple-didn't-fall-far-from-that-tree: as I sat thrumming my last thrums of my life (should God be so gracious) Mum was knitting up socks for Papa Bear. He of the "don't you dare knit me socks because my mother used to knit me socks and oh-God! the guilt that went with the socks, but oh, those aren't bad, maybe you could just knit me a pair of those, and those,too and those aren't bad either...."

Do you see what's on the arm of the sofa to her right? Do ya? Huh? Huh? That's MIL's knitting. I passed on two balls of Fun Fur and she's already got a very schnazzy scarf in the works. I swear, if I had a cat, it would knit, too.


  1. And they are gorgeous too. I'd drive miles for them! You are too wicked!!!!!!!!

  2. exquisite. the socks are beautiful.