Monday, February 07, 2005

Guess Who's Expecting?!!

Disclaimer: Mom, it's okay, it's not me!! Just the yarn...

I finished my Wickin' socks tonight :))

And was trying to decide which sock yarn wanted to be Dublin Bay Socks.

Upon moving the sock yarns off of the specially-designated photo pillow, I felt something hard in the Jawoll cotton. I reached inside and found matching Beigarn - which I imagine is extra yarn for the heel; being that it's a bit thinner than the wool/cotton thread itself.


Not that I'm like super-experienced, been-buying-sock-yarn-for-decades person, but I have bought my fair share in the past 2.5 years (boy! have I ever) and I've not seen anything as clever as this yet. Too bad this is the only Jawoll sock wool I've seen so far and there were only two colours in cotton, nuthin in wool/nylon mix yet. Must check and see what else I can come up with.

Until then, I need to decide which yarn wants to become a Sitcom Chic Cardigan.
the blue/beige cotton or the blue/yellow/navy wool. I'm very curious to see the effect of worsted-weight variegated on a cardigan knit in the round (ish).

Yep, that's my household tonight - full of excitement and yarns competiting against each other to become my next project. I bet the Irishman is glad to have escaped to the Traditional Irish Music session at the pub tonight. And to think I use to wonder why his eyes glazed over when I started to talk about gauge....

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