Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Slouch, the hat

Introducing Slouch, the hat.

Photographic evidence that I am folding challenged. I followed the directions exactly but it looks a tad different than at

Full Frontal Foto

And for some reason, it looks a bit quirky on my head, so I forced the Irishman to model for me :)

Hurry up and take the feckin photo you eejit

Hopefully it will look better on Craig, the Super Engineer. He gets socks, too. And dinner anytime he wants. Because, when I first started to spin the pretty blue stuff, the wheel was ripping it right out of my hands and I thought it was due to the wool. I figured I was getting just what I deserved since I didn't check to see exactly which sheep it came from. But, after SE checked out my wheel and got me to buy new spools, the blue stuff started spinning up like a dream. Now I've got at least 100g and more to wrap off of the spools.

Hmmmm...what to make, what to make....

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