Friday, January 21, 2005


Back to those thrum mittens. Oh joy of joys, how do I hate thee.....
did I mention already how much I looove the yarn and the colours and gorgeous feel when I'm knitting? Well the task of thrumming has just about evened that feeling out.

I can't count the amount of times I have ripped all or part of this mitten out. For better or worse, I've promised to the blonde au pair (pictured below) as a Christmas present - so at least I have motivation to make the rest of my thrumming experience as quick as possible (hopefully thereby minimizing pain).

The scene before me tonight. We now have four controllers for the X-box so the whole family (minus the thrummer) is playing Whacked!

This game, by the way, IS pretty whacked out - right now they are all in the rusty bed of a pickup truck as it heads down the highway, trying to jump onto the cop car that is following closely behind. I intend to tackle it after I master Midtown Madness 3 :)

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