Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Is that like a llama??!

If you think it looks good, you should be here to pet it! I was toying with idea of a new scarf for me this year when I found this stuff - so I've got 8 balls of it staring me in the face. I'm just going to wait for a pattern to hit me with inspiration.
Regarding the today's blog title. The Family (Me, Mom, Dave & Dave) were driving around the hills of Wolfville, Nova Scotia looking for Gaspereau Valley Fibres and not having much luck - so we drove down an unsuspecting neighbor who was walking his dog. He'd never heard of the place so we tried describing it and mentioned that they have several sheep and an alpaca on their property. He asked (in a very strong accent that almost sounded Southern), "Alpaca, is that like a llama?" and for some reason this gave us such a great tickle that we repeated it to staff when we reached the shop.
So, now, every time I see anything alpaca, I always think "is that like a llama?"

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