Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Watch out cotton, there's a new kid in town!

I found a new sock yarn at the Wolleckla last night. It's from Fortissima and it's got some very technical thing mixed with the wool called: polypropylene. I can't imagine they had this stuff the last time I was in chemistry class (we won't discuss exactly how many years ago high school was....) so I have no clue what it is. But there's a really neat diagram on the inside of the label that shows water being wicked away from the foot, through the sock, away forever.

Which leads one to wonder how the sock-wool can figure out which way to wick the moisture - does this mean I can't wear the socks inside out? Har har

Never-the-less, isn't the colour just really pretty and springtimey?! More importantly, they're just as soft as the cotton sock wool Fortissima puts out, with a higher wool content = warmer feet = very happy recipient!

Many more props to be given to the Gods of Sockwool - after finishing my first pair of Regia Silk socks, I decided more needed to be bought. Just so that the Gods know how wonderful this stuff is and make more (maybe with stripes, dare I hope?) and possibly in 100g balls.

They aren't as sparkly as they look, but just as smooooth. This is a picture for approval from the Mominator (Mum, that's you) if she likes the colour and wants to give the silk a try, I'll post these to the rainy cold island they call England.
Really, this is a just a formality, 'cause you just gotta try this stuff!!


  1. Hi Kathleen!

    Regarding your Fortissima and its wicking effect: IM SO EXCITED! Is it possible I can knit myself a beautiful perhaps, ribbed? pajama top in this magical wicking yarn to help with my new friend: the night sweats? I wonder.......
    Kathleen from irisheyesknitters.blogspot.com (chicago)

  2. I am not usually a pinky fan either but I love the colors in the fortissima. Now to be patient until it works its way to Canada (will prolly be a year or more). Lucky you to find it so quick.