Thursday, May 18, 2006

Wait a minute, Mr. Postman!!!

You'll never believe what showed up on my doorstep yesterday! Mom packed off all her sock leftovers for my log-cabin quilting project. The Moms has long been a quilting enabler :)

The next package came as a total shock. Alyson sent me the closest thing in this world to heaven, I mean Bearfoot. How sweet is that?

I hope you can read the note she sent. She actually threatened (um, joked) to send me an invoice for all the yarn she's splurged on since I hooked her on knitting. Which gives me an idea..........Hey, Mom! Wasn't it you who thought knitting would keep my newly non-smoking hands busy? If only.......

Thanks so much Alyson!! It totally brightened this girl's rainy week!

Speaking of which, I'm quitting again. I haven't smoked a cigarette since Monday evening. I think I'll be okay if I just stay away from the pubs.


  1. Whoooo! Good luck!

    And I'd like to take this moment to thank US Customs for not allowing any surprises. (I tried to talk the postal worker into not making me write down what was in the package, and he deadpanned, "Well, you could just write "Surprise!" on the customs slip." Thank God for funny postal workers.)

  2. Re: church secretaries -- I also remember an incident involving getting my German driver's licence, in which the lack of Anmeldebestätigungen in America figured prominently. Times like this, I tell myself that bureaucracy's bad everywhere.

    Re: Quilting. If you get tired of Log Cabin, Rail Fence and Courthouse Steps are a couple of other rectangle-based blocks. Not that I'm enabling, or anything. Not me, no sir, nope. :)

  3. Anonymous12:50 PM

    Keep up the no smoking!!! I'm impressed.
    Great loot you scored there. Brat!! ;)

  4. It's so hard to quit! It is harder to be strict about it in a room full of other smokers while you're drinking.I tried several things, but what really worked was getting pregnant. Not that I recommend that as a method for everybody.

    That sock yarn haul looks fantastic! The Bearfoot is GORGEOUS.