Saturday, May 27, 2006


To be a quality Yarn Hunter, you need good tools. Like a new yarn shop that just opened up in my piss-ant town :) The Wool Oasis (translated from German: Wolloase), opened up at the beginning of May and is featuring a modest stash of Lana Grossa, Regia (yippee!) and Schachenmeyer. What more could a girl, I mean Serious Yarn Hunter, want??

Speaking of serious tools, I've been waiting 3 weeks for my new needles to arrive so that I could finish my first project from Mason-Dixon Knitting. On inspiration from my co-worker, Marion, I started a uni-colour log cabin rug. I'm using wool I bought in Ireland right after I learned to knit, which is too rough to use for anything else. Poor Irishman has been trying to let me down easy for the past 4.5 years, as I insisted on making the Irish-person an Irish-knit sweater from Irish wool - and he had the nerve to call it jaggedy-arsed! Dork
update: the Dork insists I add Billy Connolly's definition of jaggedy-arsed wool: the mud/crap-matted wool sheared from around the sheep's arse. There you go, I said "arse" three times (now 4!) in one blog - beat that Harlot ;)

So, anyway, who knew that rugs are big??? Like too big for normal needles? What? Was I supposed to check that out beforehand - like match my project to my equipment or something? Who would do that? It's as crazy as swatching. Leave that to the zealots, I always say. So my rug decorated the back of my coach until the new Addi Turbo 2 Meter circulars arrived. That's right, 2 full meters of knitting bliss!

What would you knit with these things anyway?

p.s. Random Personal Update:
Cigarettes bought since last blog entry: 1 pack
Cigarettes smoked: 0
Cheating on the South Beach Diet: countless
Weight Loss: 1.5 kg ('bout 3 lbs)


  1. Only a Knitter could diet AND try to quit smoking at the same time. You fearless vixen, you!

    (We NEED a yarn store in Clermont - lucky!!)

  2. Seriously, shut it.

    2 meters? Wow, I had no idea they went that big. And where is the so-called Log Cabin blanket????

  3. You realize that now that you have those industrial strength addis, you'll be doomed to making rugs and enormous things forever. Because, you know, you have the equipment. (Bet sock-knitting feels weird right after a session with the rug.)

    Seriously, very pretty. You're actually going to let people step on it?

  4. I like what Debbie said-you'll be knitting big from now on.
    Good going on the no smoking and losing wieght. Damn, I didn't think you had it in you! ;o) I'm thoroughly impressed.