Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Ain't She A Beauty!!

The Yarn Hunter, after many weeks of laying low and trying to use up leftovers, prowls once again through the backroads of Germany. No wool shop can escape her notice, no new colourway is missed by her sharp eyes.

Today, the Yarn Hunter stopped by a small cornershop type store and found a generic wool brand with a gorgeous perfect-for-spring colourway. Being keen to learn everything about the new wool, the Yarn Hunter cast on as soon as her commuter train left the station.

And "ooh boy!" this yarn definitely didn't disappoint. Springy greens, light lavender and a ruddy fuschia.

Aaaaah, spring is finally here!!


  1. Dear Yarn Hunter,

    Stop flaunting your special "finds" and your ability to venture about without children in tow to find said beautiful wool.

    Stuck in the House

  2. It's about time you wrote something, woman! I was about to call the national guard to see if you're still knitting.
    That's so pretty with the lavender in it. I would never have picked it from looking at the ball. Good eye.

  3. Oooooh...I love it!! And I'm with Kimberly...looking at the skein I was thinking, "Okay, then...weirdo. Whatever blows your skirt up." But knitted up - fantastic!!

  4. ah, ye of little faith. The Yarn Hunter does sometimes find colourways that aren't pleasing to everyone's eye, but never doubt her ability to sniff out ...
    actually it's always a crap shoot for me. Got lucky this time-woohoo!

  5. p.s.
    Dear Stuck in the House,

    Did I mention that I slept in as well?

    Well-rested Yarn Hunter