Monday, June 06, 2005

Awww Hecke*

The boys were working the hedges this evening. Georg (far right) had started messing with the hedges when the Irishman came home this evening. Being that they were our hedges, the boy jumped into his work clothes and joined in. Duschko, not willing to be left out of anything, brought his hedge clippers over. And once Norbert saw that there were boys with toys, drinking beer and laughing at the hedges that were getting shorter by the minute (because they just weren't straight enough and needed to be adjusted that little bit more....) he wanted to try out Duschko's hedge clippers.
There was beer, even a bit of whiskey and some snackie-snacks - now they're all seated around the dining room table and laughing as much at themselves as each other. And all I have is a SweetTart-coloured Dublin Bay sock to keep me company.

But she's cute though, ain't she?
And she's making me crazy hungry for Chewy SweetTarts! Aaarrggghhh - the torture!

*Hecke is German word for hedge (now you know....and knowing is half the battle - GI Joe!!!!)

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