Sunday, October 03, 2004


I had a chili dinner Friday night for my birthday and we had lots of guests, lots of beer and lots of kids. There was also lots of music.

Craig was playing his fiddle so Cian (3) decided he needed to bring out the kids guitar and accompany him. Cian carrying the guitar is like a knight's first day wearing a sword - any slight turn left or right and the guitar clears everything in its path - like beer. From the kitchen I heard a crash and when I got to the living room to see what the story was, Ciara (8, very clever!) turns around to me and says:

Don't worry - it didn't get any of the wool!

Later that evening when I was telling this to a couple of people, Ciara overheard me, looks kind of sheepish and says: well, it didn't get any of the good wool.

I could kiss her, just literally kiss her!

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