Friday, October 29, 2004

Jaggedy-arse Wool

After deciding not to inflict any of my family or friends with a hat out of this stuff, I let it sulk in a corner of my knitting basket for the past two months. Just long enough for it to forget how angry I was when I realized my first spinning attempt didn't produce Lorna's Laces skin-friendly silky yarn. Wasn't there an old quote about a sow's ear.........

The Irishman is trying to hide his emotion about this wool and look cute (but I see right through him). It's the first wool I spun and plied on my new spinning wheel (or in my life, for that matter!) and it' not the softest wool you've ever run into. I started knitting a hat out of it immediately after plying and quickly came to the conclusion that no sane person would want to wear this on their head. Irishboy here likes Billy Connolly and his stand-up and copied his unfair comments about knitted items - he calls my beautifully spun, dark brown and light grey-plied romney "jaggedy-arse wool" - the kind that is so scratchy it could only have come from the arse-end of a sheep.
So I've decided that I will knit Briggs & Little Heavy Hand Knit Socks. The best socks to have between your softly-socked feet and boots that have just sunk into 2 feet of snow. Now, who in the family, in a cold climate, is sweet enough to not hurt my feelings when I give them jaggedy-arsed socks for Christmas?
Note to self: chat more to sister-in-Maine's boyfriend, because he probably wants to be liked by family and just needs a pair of socks to prove himself......

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