Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Mitten, Interrupted

This may look like the mitten picture I posted a couple of days ago. But it's really a new, revised, re-knit, re-sized and ribbed-for-her-pleasure thrum mitten. I found that, even thought I have extremely small hands, my paws couldn't barely squeeze through the adult small size with all that blasted roving in the way. So I swam a lap around the frog pond, ripped the entire thing and restarted with ribbing and thrums that last up to two stitches. We are much happier now, isn't we precious?

And, in case you missed the background of the picture, here it is again:

My sister, who unlike me, knows how to turn her sewing machine on, used Mary Engelbreit fabric to make me a book jacket and bookmarker. How awesome is that??? I absolutely adore this fabric. If the Irishman would let me, I'd probably cover the walls in the stuff. Which is really weird, cause ME is the only girly and cute stuff I like. If it weren't for her, I'd think my hiking boots were the height of fashion (because they are the coolest things this side of Patagonia!).
And finally a view out my window last night. The Michaelis Kirchweih has started in town and they have one of those towers of terror. We hardly get any noise from the fest, except every ten minutes the tower of terror is in operation and we hear screams until the people drop back below the rooftops. It had us wondering for a while there....
p.s. don't mind the blur on the picture - the camera has got a bit of a drinking problem - we're working on it

And you thought it was us drinking the beer in the photos from last weekend. Darn Ricoh just can't say no.
Now I want to figure out how to make Mary Engelbreit mittens.......

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