Wednesday, July 13, 2005

From 2 to 8mm in 4 Seconds!!

A personal best if I do say so myself :)

Got Lucy Neatby's book (Cool Socks, Warm Feet) the other day and have become neurotic about starting a sock from it. I've started 2 different socks 4 different times on 3 different needle sizes and been to the yarn shop to buy another 3 balls of yarn (except I forgot to bring the cash-type stuff and the person working at the time didn't know how to scan my bank card).

I think it's knitting karma kicking a little tushy. Remember that lovely cotton Phildar tank top I started? No, of course not - I haven't posted pictures because it was knitting along so quickly that I figured I'd just save pics for the finished product. Same with Dave's socks and the other house slippers I started knitting on Saturday. Sunday night, I was playing with my first try at the Neatby book and the neighbors started teasing me about starting projects. They asked how often I finished one. Usually I can hold my head up high and say that I have a main project and a to-go pair of socks on the needles. But I've been over-stimulated with yarn tours, book arrivals, yarn gifts and surprise project ideas from the neighbors. So I've got to introduce some discipline into my yarn life (ve must hav ze diziplin!) and finish at least one project (ends and all!) before I can concentrate on Lucy's book again.....

This is gonna be a long night.....


  1. Welcome to my world! Five or six is my usual.

  2. maybe I should try to pass it off as some sort of creative quirk...