Thursday, July 07, 2005

Fighting Irish

Put up your dukes!

Sunday morning, Dave and I were in the kitchen messing around. Not "messing around, wink, wink, nudge, nudge", but like play fighting when he was trying to steal the food as I was cooking it. There were a couple of yips and screams and a frustrated rebel yell or two (guess who that was from) and Cian ran into the kitchen wagging his finger and yelling at us to "Stop the messing!"

I said it was Papa being bold and Cian laid right into him. Fists, slaps and a very furrowed brow were all-aflurry in Dave's direction. Dave and I were already laughing loads and when Cian started in, we totally lost it and collapsed in giggles on the floor. Cian couldn't hold his frown together much longer and joined in with the giggles.
But I couldn't let all this go by without documenting the 'fighting Irish'

Give'em Hell!

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  1. Kat...can't e-mail you!! Keep getting error message. I'll call tomorrow. Have to find out how last night's projec went. Love, Helen