Sunday, April 03, 2005

The Ultimate in Sock-Modelling

Cian was impressed with his new sock and only too glad to smile from the camera, but was a bit concerned that it would keep him away from the X-box for too long. Only just gone 4, he's a crack hand at the video games - good for hand-to-eye coordination I say.

Germany has warmed up these days - we spent the day at the house yesterday ripping wallpaper down (off of the ceiling???!!!) and I'm now hurting in places I didn't even know exist. About halfway through the day my neck/shoulder muscle started hurting (that was to be expected) but I was shocked when the muscles in my spatula-holding arm started to twitch. I've obviously led a charmed life until now.

Masion sans snow

check out the new window on the downstairs - 2 meters baby!!

Wall is down in the kitchen and we're taking off the last of the wall covering here - four layers of stubborn wallpaper and tiles that were secured to the cement of the house walls instead of, hhmm, I don't know.... plaster? Who thinks of this stuff?

Isn't this just the most gorgeous kitchen you ever did see?

Work wasn't all bad, I was singing and dancing along to Abba most of the day. It's my favourite escape for housework! Headed back out there today - can't wait :)


  1. So much work left to be done! It'll be worth it though. I can't wait to see it done (aka can't wait to visit).

  2. Oh. My. God.

    Kaethe, awesome week-long friend and the only good thing to ever come out of attempting to work at Florida Hospital. (Don't ask me how I found this blog...that's just scary.)

    Still in Germany, still with the Irish lad - I'm so glad some things don't change...

    Visit my blog, comment if you remember me at all... ;)