Sunday, March 27, 2005

Happy Eastereggcover!!

Or a toe-up sock for Cian - take your pick.

I popped into the wool shop yesterday to stock up on some Polycon that I have not been able to find anywhere else in the city (seriously, Socklady, I can't tell you how embarassed I am that I thought I could finish the box so easily and it's taken forever to hunt this stuff down) and I found this Regia cotton. Now the last time I used Regia cotton, it was so scratchy that I was almost embarassed to give away the socks I knit. I say almost because I used it to knit the Traveler something socks from Knitting on the Road and I was so excited to finish. This stuff is just comfy as the Gedifra Happy Feet that I've been using for years and yesterday I found this great, springtime colourway.

I started this sock for Cian and wanted to try a slipped-stitch effect with the lines of colour. See the little jaggedy effect on every colour other than the turquoise? That's the slipped-stitch thingie - but I think it's making the sock look a little bit puckered.

I'm reserving judgement until I see it slipped onto the foot of little Mr. Princess Charming himself.

We're not talking about the beige, pink and blue socks. I got halfway down the second foot and ran out of wool. Dude! I've only got size 8 feet, I'm no Big Foot by any means, how in the world can the sock yarn run out??? So, it's either kid socks, ankle socks or buy another ball and knit a mammoth pair for the Irishman. Have to admit, I like that one of those options involves visiting a yarn shop :)

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