Thursday, April 28, 2005

A Long, Long Time Ago...In A Galaxy Far, Far Away

Introducing our new super-duper space-saving, low-energy using, state-of-the-art yada yada yada electric, marble, wall-mounted heater. It's the latest and greatest for healthy, cost-saving heating and adds that little bit of Mediteranean flair to your otherwise style-less home. It cracks me up that this is the NEW wave of heating when I believe it's quite similar to something the Greeks did like a bajillion years ago. Back to the basics, I guess. Chic, though, eh?

It's also the closest I'm ever going to get to setting a temparature on a thermostat and having a dependable heating system reach and stay at requested temp. Most heat settings in Germany are simply 1 - 5, just hope you get it right...or you spend the rest of the evening running around adjusting radiators. And that's actually what they call central heating. God knows, it might be what Americans call central heating, I wouldn't know. My winter jacket from Florida is only wearable here from May to September :) This is why I learned how to knit - I don't know nuthin' 'bout heatin' no houses!!

We bought the kitchen from IKEA a couple nights ago. Boxes and boxes of pressed-wood magic and miles of countertops. It's going to be gorgeous white Stat cabinets with the beech counters. Is there anything more grand in this life??? Is there anyone that wants to put this together for me??? Seriously, will knit for kitchen ;) Socks, fair-isle, Aran-knit ANYTHING!!

Dave's doing some serious grill hunting on the internet these days. He almost bought one of the bigger than life stone grills, but I convinced him he wanted a normal backyard grill with a top to cover ribs for smoking and a bit more flexibility in placement. Now I only have to convince him that we wants propane and none of this charcoal and ashes nonsense. I tried mentioning the part where propane is much more adjustable and cleaner, but he thinks the food will taste different. Ha! Not if we use the right bbq sauce, right? :)

That's about it for me, tonight. I've been getting up at 5:45 all week to catch the train into town - this girl's not used to going to bed before 12, that's what us night-owls do. Now I'm drinking more coffee than ever in my life and trying not to spill my morning Dr. Pepper on the middle-aged suits in the train as I pry my sleeping eyes open. Think Clockwork Orange - chances are I'd still catch a commuter nap. LOL!

Goodnight, Moon!


  1. I don't understand. It's a big slab of marble - how does it control temperature? Are you supposed to pound on it until you work up a warm sweat? The only thing I know to do with a slab of marble is slap some vanilla ice cream on it and throw in some candy pieces...

    Freaking weird Germans.

  2. No.No.No. You need the ashes and mess. Sure, it's good regardless, but it tastes soooo much better. And I hate these radiators. It really sucks when one decides to not shut off during the summer...