Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Git R Done

Denisa (new neighbor) helps us scrape wallpaper off of the ceiling this weekend.

We got quite a bit done - the walls look much better now and they'll be replastered tomorrow. Herr Forscht already did a sample wall for us to check out. It's soooo smooth, like no wall I've ever seen in Germany and it's all mine, mine, mine! I took a couple of breaks last night just to touch it and make sure it was still silky smooth. Cooool and soft to the touch...... Um, I might have inhaled something last night during scraping, washing and priming. Could be the reason I blew my nose last night and my tissue was covered in plaster. Yum!

Irishboy looks quite productive, eh?
You should hear how cute his little accent is when he says "git r done" :)

Now all we have to do is decide on a wall colour. I don't think there's anything dull about cappucino on the living room walls, do you?


  1. Okay, having perused the entire blog...
    1. I tried knitting once. After three days I had about nine inches of a gnarled looking pink scarf. Not a knitter - you impress me.
    2. More importantly - congratulations! When's the wedding? Wheee!
    3. That house is absurd - how many people are going to be living in that thing?!

    The England post was a projection - I'm planning a nice long European sojourn sometime soon, once I get my passport back in order and brush up on some languages. I'm working on picking up German. So far I can introduce myself, ask someone to spell their name (wait...no, no I've forgotten that one), ask for a specific person on the phone (which is ridiculous because I don't plan on making calls to anyplace that would have a receptionist while I'm there) and ask probing and rather nosy questions about someone's family. Long way to go...

  2. Now he needs a git-r-done t-shirt. hehe. That is a favoite in our house. I guess that is what happens when you live with a countryboy.