Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Stripes and Tribulations

Despite many naughty distractions, I've still gotten a bit of knitting done ;)

Moving has done funny things for my knitting. I packed up all my yarn (kept only 1 ball of sock yarn out) thinking that I would be unpacking everything in a couple of weeks. That was a couple of weeks ago - and we're not looking at moving into the house for at least another "couple of weeks". This move is starting to be as long as an Irish pint is tall ;)

As a result of all of this, my sock knitting has really picked up. I even got all creative and stuff and took Ryan's Dublin Bay Sock idea and adapted my own pattern (which decreases with the calf) and came up with a non-holey thingie-ma-bob down the middle.
I like the running-down-the-middle theme, but I'm not sure if I've hit on the right pattern yet. It's a bit tricky to see and if you're not the open-minded sort, it looks just like a boring old seed stitch. But, if we continue with Ryan's Irish water theme, we could name this sock after a waterfall, because I think that's exactly what the alternating purl stitches look like to me. Not that any of this shows up on camera...

But still, my romantic notions sometimes get the better of me.


  1. Anonymous7:25 PM

    Pretty, pretty socks. I screwed around with Ryan's pattern too...It's a good one.

    (yarn harlot)

  2. I like those colors-very cool. I even more like what's keeping them company in the top picture! ;)

  3. I like your sock yarn. I like the way there are big gaps of beige between the color stripes. What brand is it? Thanks for checking out my blog. I am just getting started on it.

  4. Socks are from JaWoll, cotton sock series. Colour 133.0113
    It looks beige in the pictures, but it's more of a soft-greeny-beige. Even the Irishman wants a pair :)

  5. Anonymous8:26 AM

    hehe =)