Tuesday, March 01, 2005


Have you seen this ribby scarf in the new Mag-Knits yet? I haven't taken the short-row challenge yet and I've been quite curious about how it works.

I'm wondering how a certain homespun would look knit up into this scarf...

Good excuse to swatch :)


I started the first two foundation triangles and tried not to panic - after all, it does say "triangle" so maybe my swatch should look this scary?

Following the Commencing of the Zig Zag pattern, my swatch looked a little better. I'm still wondering if I maybe missed a line in the pattern or something.

It's too late to worry about right now - time to hit the hay and have wonderful dreams because I'm just so tickled to be knitting with my handspun. I know, I know - it's just yarn. But let me ask you this: is it ever really "just" yarn? ;)

Goodnight Moon


  1. Anonymous1:40 PM

    That is way cool! Thanks for the link. I might need to make that in some blue hues. Purdy! Your's is looking good. Can't wait to see more progress!

  2. Goodnight Moon! One of my son's favorite bedtime stories :-)

  3. Mine, too for that matter. Going over the Goodnight Moon/Goodnight room exercise works better for me than counting sheep. Counting sheep only makes me think of wool and new projects and then sleep is totally impossible after that starts up ;)

  4. Anonymous1:24 PM

    Very interesting.