Friday, September 24, 2004

Shake, Shake, Shake Senora!

Because I'm all continental and stuff I get espresso every afternoon at about 3. The Italians brew it up fresh in the kitchen with some sort of whipped cream with coffee and sugar topping - YUM!! But this morning, Roger decided he needed a pick me up so we got our little volt of electricity bright and early.
So, now I'm hanging from the ceiling listing off hundreds of things I have the energy to do - like run around the block 20,000 times without pause. Or maybe knit a hat for everyone I know because it's the best Extra Stash Burner I know of. A friend of mine once suggested I crochet granny squares from all my leftover yarn and make a big afghan - but then I tried crochet and decided I didn't want a million granny squares hanging around the house waiting to be sewn up (like the rest of my knit projects).

But I figure hats have the following benefits:
1. can be knit in the round (no sewing!!)
2. can include different kinds of yarns (with a bit of EZ dec/inc finagling)
3. can be quickly knit - like in one night
3. can leave the house as soon as their finished!!

Thereby making hats the premier destashing project of choice. For now. It's also a premier time-filler while I stare at large quantities of collected wool and pray for a project to form in my head that ISN'T a poncho. The Irishman has promised to shoot me if I try to make a poncho. Must. resist.poncho.craze.
But, really, if these are the only things that make my knitting life difficult - bring it on! I think I need another espresso - a little more sugar in this one and I'll start sounding like Tweak in South Park-just call me Twitch! :)

But, I am seriously considering the thrum mit-a-long with Stephanie. I picked up a Fleece Artist kit in Yarmouth, but I can't make head or tails of the directions. All sorts of evil "knit into the stitch below" nonsense and worse. My conniving self is thinking this is a good time to get support on the whole thrum conundrum. Thrum Conundrum.....Sounds like a Disney song - see? I told you it was evil!
Time to get off the ceiling and get some work done!

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