Monday, September 27, 2004

It's Time to Play the Music

It's time to light the lights
It's time to meet the Muppets on the Springer Show tonight.

Really wishing I had figured out this picture thing right about now. Will have to work on that tonight.

The story starts last year when my sisiter gave me two balls of some fun-furry type yarn. It was cream-colored and somewhat posh when I knit it up with Turkish stitch. Now fast forward to last week - when I decide to pick up posh scarf and finish it. I happen to have it with me at work when I realize that a scarf would be a perfect gift for a work colleague who is moving to France in a matter of weeks. Sandrine also happens to be French, so she realizes the important relationship between posh scarves and French women's necks. She liked the furry posh scarf I was knitting and we rushed off to the nearest wool shop for some furry yarn. She picked a blue-mix yarn and I promptly started knitting that evening. Halfway into the following Saturday morning I look at the pathetic 8 inches of scarf I had cranked out and decided stripes and furry yarn and mixed blues are about the ugliest thing this side of a French sneer. In a Tony-the-Tiger-in-Drag sort of way.
So, in an effort to be clever and charming, I decide to knit the scarf sideways.

Have I ever done this before? No

Do I have any idea how to go about this? NO

Do I search the internet and my books for ideas ? NO, NO, NO

I count stitches - the 31 stitches I cast on is about 6 inches wide - so that means about 10 st per 2 inches and 60 st per foot. I figure I should make the scarf 6 feet for that premium chic drape effect - so that's 360 stitches. Cast on and go baby - don't look back, just knit those 360 stitches (actually 359, but I really don't want to be the one to count and make sure) back and forth until you go crazy.


Actually, it's not that bad. I've decided this sideways scarf thing is the way to go - it may be a long ass row, but I like it a heckuva lot better than Knit Turn Knit Turn Knit Turn Knit Turn Scream.
Now, back to the title of the blog. This scarf has actually turned to be quite appropriate for its purpose. It's soft, fuzzy, slinky and the blues look gorgeous all mixed together-tres chic, non?. But......I can't help thinking of Grover in a red, sparkly mini-skirt and matching pumps with this thing wrapped around his neck. And you thought Ms. Piggy would star in the Muppet's Moulin Rouge.
Sooooo glad my work colleague has a sense of humor! I really hope she doesn't read knit blogs ;)


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