Thursday, September 13, 2007

The one where my sister, Helen, guest blogs

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Well, I'm just too proud of myself! These are the knitted nesting boxes from the book that Kathleen is toting around…Mason-Dixon something, something. This is how I spent my vacation up in Chicago. People kept inviting me places and offering me activities but I kept saying…"No thanks, I'm knitting!" Anyway, I got some weird looks but I don't mind. I used my substituting day on Tuesday to sew the sides together (I love those gifted classes where the students do all the work!) and finally got my washing machine cleared of inessentials like clothing and towels so that I could put these through the hot wash.

Maybe I can make one for Ricky to keep his remote controls in while he is convalescing?!
Love, Helen

post post: does she have the bug or what?!

post post post: the last reference is to Ricky, my nephew who was in the motorcycle accident. Thanks for all who prayed, he's recovering from a broken right femur and hip, broken left forearm, shattered left wrist, broken ribs, ruptured spleen, collapsed lung. They still haven't taken off his neck-brace, but today I heard he's graduating from ice chips to popsicles. The MRI should tell us more after today. Fingers crossed!

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