Sunday, September 09, 2007

Of Two Minds

There're so many reasons for duality in today's world. Conflicting feelings between potential presidential candidates... brilliant marriage versus love affiar with one's homeland... can I be a Yuppie while dressing like a Granola Girl...and most importantly: how much can I stray from the Rowan pattern and still end up with an awesome Rowan baby kimono???
I mean, the black and white trim looks great in the pattern book, but my dark and light pink combo knocked it out of the ballpark. Shall I ride the wave of hubrus and decorate the neck with a seed-stich border to match or go solid like the book? With all the hemming and hawing, I could've probably knit the damn thing four times by now, but at least the stalling has meant my sewing up was done in record time.
Now...just to decide on the solid or striped version of the neckline border....

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