Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Canned Yarn!

A big shout out to Shelley who returned from her Canada vacation this year with her yarn locked into a Becel margerine tub. She found that her wound yarn cake held it's shape for an average of 1.2 yarn moves/jostles/take-a-longs/glances-in-the-general direction and not only did the cake lose its shape, but it tangled up quickly as well. I've been fighting/ignoring this dilemma for a while now and thought the only solution was to shove the knotted cake as far down my Crown Royal drawstring bag as it would go and simply hope for the best.
Shelley inspired me to confiscate one of my sister's leftover ICBINButter mini-tubs for my current sock project. It had my niece Erika's name on it and she tried to fight me for it, but I had the scissors AND the yarn needles. And, as Alyson wisely quipped tonight, "In the game of Rock, Paper, Scissors and Knitting Needles, knitting needles ALWAYS win!"

I saw Shelley's yarn hole in the middle of the lid and raised her a cut slit from yarn hole to the edge - great if you need to pull your project out of the container before you reach the end. And then I scoured the fridge for potential candidates to hold bigger cakes:
Any ideas how a single-living gal can use up an entire tub of butter in the next couple of days? (other than the obvious use as tanning lotion - I mean, duh, I totally already thought of that, but would never dream of replacing my Crisco!) And let's refrain from mentioning any Tangos in Paris, shall we?
Did you catch that bit up there about "as Alyson quipped..." like we just hang out and gab all the time. I first met Alyson precisely one week before I moved to Germany in 2001. She found my blog a few years back and started knitting I think a year after that. Since then she has lapped me in experience, skill and all-round knitting style. I've gone from instigator to the inspired and I follow her blog for the latest in yarns, yarn sources and great patterns. And tonight I got to see her for the first time since I left for the Vaterland and we had a great, chatty reunion at the Sip n Knit "Knit Night". Even though the regulars there are super friendly and make for a great evening of knitting and bs-ing, seeing Alyson made it especially awesome. Long live the Yo-Yo!!


  1. Yay! It was fun - I may be back on Tuesday, too!

    (Oh, and as for Wednesday/Thursday: you betcha, we're free on either one.)

  2. What an awesome idea! (I too use Crown Royal bags as sock yarn holders). I thought I was the only one!