Thursday, April 12, 2007

One Eventful Weekend

Turns out that the Drops Jacket can be knit in one piece - yippeee! I'm planning on finishing the right front tonight and kicking some left front ass before Sunday. My work colleague, Claudia promised to teach me how to crochet the edging. Not making any promises, but my niece might be wearing her new jacket sometime this year (a new personal best!!).

Even more exciting is how I spent my Easter Monday. Kimberly and I finally managed to meet up. She's come to visit her in-laws (who live about 75 minutes away from me) a couple of times now, but are schedules are usually all wonky. Thanks to the 4-day Easter weekend, we finally managed a day to meet up. For some reason, my camera refused to take any normal pictures - so here's an action sequence from our photo shoot attempt:

and a shot of the handsome chauffeur:

The rest of the weekend was spent cooking an Easter ham and turkey, eating said meats with veggies and sweet potatoes (not all dinner guests were impressed with that one, but me and the Venezuelan chowed down) with lots of chocolates and desserts. There was room painting, spring cleaning (please don't tell the kids how many old toys, crappy little Micky-D toys and parts of toys I threw away), picture re-arranging in the living room and general mayhem control. It's finally starting to look more like a home around here :)


  1. Nice to see two of my favorite bloggers and finally put a picture to the name. Just don't know who is who. Did you give Kimberly any pointers with the Bonita shirt. I can't wait to see it.

  2. I totally forgot the mention that I met the Bonita shirt face-to-face. It's gorgeous!! I may have to cast one of those one really REALLY soon.

  3. Your chauffeur was extremely well behaved and a very charming young man. Has the thought of marrying him crossed your mind?
    That was fun-thanks again!! Oh and those pictures aren't the best-where are the seeing-eye dogs for the last one?

  4. Anonymous9:12 AM

    Sounds like you had a fantastic time. If you're ever anywhere near Düsseldorf, be sure to let me know!!
    (from Debbie -- blogger seems to have forgotten me, hmph!)