Saturday, April 14, 2007

Rodents Beware!

There's a dead frog under my sofa. I'm sure of it. He was hopping around last night - well hopping as much as a one-legged frog can hop - dragging what was left of his other leg-guts behind him on my newly mopped floor.
The cat didn't know what to do - he loved that the toy moved on its own and was perfectly happy to swat at it every time it attempted escape, but couldn't figure out why he kept feeling hungry - so he'd run over to his bowl and crunch on his kibbles until Kermit stirred again. Last time I saw the pair of them together was in front of the sofa in the living room. That was about the time I decided there'd been enough TV for one night and it was time for bed.
It started with the dead mouse we found last Friday in the kids room. Jackson wouldn't let us clean it up, but rather took it in his teeth and ran out the front door to the neighbor's patch of garden - where he jump and played and rolled around with the dead thing. I had this picture of the original attack where Jackson pounced furiously on this poor mouse and thrashed it around until it finally perished in his Jaws of Terror. After last night, I figure the mouse finally got tired of playing Jerry to Jackson's Tom, ran upstairs to the kids room to hide and died of boredom......


  1. Yet another reason I have indoor cats. Eew!

  2. ewwwww! That is something that my dogs would probably do just to gross me out....They can't do it here at home but when they go to Grandmas house all bets are off....

  3. Could have been worse. We have tons of totes outside our house. Right now they are still tattpoles, but for not much longer.

  4. Oh please, can I borrow Jackson? I walked in the kitchen yesterday and a mouse I've been trying to catch for a week was sitting on the stove top.

    When he saw me he disappeared down into the eye of the stove.

    Ack!!! Still trying to catch it today and we have two cats. They're useless.